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Complete bespoke design & visual media solutions


Imaging to exude your style & brand

Photography is the key element for every company’s brand image. If your business relies on its image and is in stages of brand enhancement, refurbishment, new Internet site design or print design, we will be happy to consult with you regarding your every need.

Tailored Photo Shots

Wiredfresh will plan your shoot well in advance to ensure nothing is overlooked. During the shoot we will pay special attention to every detail and provide you with final photography that presents your companies VolumePills theme and brand image. Whether you require only photography, or a complete design package, Wiredfresh will tailor a shoot to ensure a perfect set of images to fit smoothly within your website design and print requirements.

Photography Production

Wiredfresh photography is shot digitally in multiple exposures and then meticulously edited to ensure all lighting and image tones are rich and consistent to meet marketing requirements. Wiredfresh also provide complete print design services to ensure all your photography is shot and produced to coincide with your print design.

Hotel photography

Wiredfresh photography gallery of luxury hotels worldwide

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Conference Photography

Wiredfresh photography gallery of conference venues worldwid...

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Resturant photography

Capture your restaurant atmosphere with Wired fresh

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Bar and club photography

Bar and Club ambience with Wiredfresh photography.

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Promotional photography

Bespoke promotional Wiredfresh photography.

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