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Complete organic SEO, website copywriting and
social media services to ensure your success.
Complete organic SEO, website copywriting and social media services to ensure your success.

SEO Optimisation

Our SEO Online Marketing Brighton services bring a fresh approach to your SEO strategy, from making your website more SEO friendly and organic SEO copywriting services, to ongoing SEO online marketing.

SEO Copywriting

Your websites organic SEO copy is the foundation of your company search results. We can review your website structure, add pages if necessary and provide SEO copywriting to engage the user and get results.

SMO Social media

With 3.5 billion social media users and 52% of searches from mobile, your SMO marketing is crucial. We provide SMO campaigns with engaging video production & content design with fresh ideas.

Path to success

A guide to simplify conversion rate optimization (CRO). It’s easy to get lost in today’s vast digital sea, and in reality, great CRO is far more in depth. This guide is a summary of essential steps to better CRO & ROI.

Great SEO & SMO equal great CRO

Our SEO Online Marketing Brighton UK services deliver great organic SEO copywriting and engaging social media to keep you on the right path.

Wiredfresh SEO online marketing Brighton UK services understand today’s ever-growing digital sea of online technologies and social media, it is vital to stay in tune and on top of the game to become well established in your market and more in demand among your target customers.

We understand that every client’s SEO requirements vary, so we first take the time to understand your business, branding, services and product priorities, tailoring a bespoke SEO package that performs well for you.

If you already have a website, the first stage of any SEO project will be to first take a look and advise you on any changes to the structure and pages, if any, that can help strengthen your organic SEO. For Wiredfresh web design and development projects, we’ll advise a fresh page structure that will ensure your products and services have strong organic SEO from the first day the site is launched.

Though your organic SEO is vital, it’s not enough to maintain your organic search ranking and increase traffic. Keeping your ranking in Google and increasing traffic does require a well-planned ongoing SEO (Search engine optimization) and SMO (Social media optimization) campaign. Ongoing online SEO marketing is a complex journey and we are here to keep you on the right path.

The path to good SEO

Phase 1

Knowledge is key

Understanding your brand for a perfect SEO campaign. The more we know about you, the more we can help.

Phase 2

Strengthen your roots

Ensuring your website structure and every aspect of your organic SEO content is strong to rank you high.

Phase 3

Shoot for the stars

Now it’s time to create an ongoing marketing strategy with great design & video for social media optimisation.

Common SEO misconceptions

Link building

Yes, a ‘small part’ of Google’s algorithm is numerous good quality links pointing to your website, but they have no bearing whatsoever on great Google search results.

It is a myth that getting loads of links will get you ranking high. Our SEO & marketing UK services will deliver professionally implemented SEO throughout your website & an engaging ongoing marketing campaign.

High ranking keywords

In most scenarios, targeting ‘only’ high ranking keywords is not wise. Sure, good PPC (Pay per click) campaigns with large budgets obviously can sometimes achieve these results, but usually this is not cost effective.

In most cases, a realistic campaign based on a realistic budget and target audience, with some well-planned ongoing marketing will work nicely.

SEO growth

It is dishonest to say great SEO will be achieved quickly with a one-time small payment. Google is very competitive, to get great search results simply takes patience and work.

Great SEO is like a tree… the roots are your great content and organic SEO on a well-built site. The trunk and growing branches are your ongoing SEO content and marketing campaign. Great SEO search results need to be nurtured need to grow.

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