Our Brighton SEO optimisation services provide engaging organic SEO copy and great online marketing

The path to good SEO

Our Brighton SEO optimisation services. We research your current site structure, competitors & target audience to deliver a strong SEO campaign strategy that generates results. Great search engine optimization (SEO) begins with thorough research and forward planning.
Knowledge is key

Phase 1: Knowledge is key

SEO research comes first

Our Brighton SEO optimisation services first research your competitors’ websites to see how they generate traffic, their online marketing path and SMO (Social media optimization) campaign.

Based on your competitors, we look to see how an SEO campaign can help your business and advise an online marketing path that best suits your brand, overall traffic and SEO results.

Then keywords & audience

Next, we research you best target audiences that will bring the most traffic and list search terms to target them, also looking at the structure and elements of your website.

Our Brighton SEO optimisation services review your current website pages, ensuring the new organic SEO will be most effective, adding new pages and fixing any necessary technical issues

Now make a great plan

The type, amount and structure of organic content is crucial. So, after researching your competition and making a strategy, it’s now time to determine what content needs to be created for the best possible organic SEO results.

Planning ahead is essential, at this stage we’ll work close with you to plan all content your website will need for successful search engine optimization.

PHASE 2 - Strengthen your roots

Phase 2: Strengthen your roots

Recreate existing SEO text

If you already have existing website text this is great, it helps us do our job. We’ll use this to create all new optimised SEO text that’s engaging, whilst still keeping the tone and feel of your brand.

Then keywords & audience

Based on your competitors and marketplace, we’ll create new pages for broader search traf?c and fresh and engaging organic SEO text with keywords chosen for your target audience

SEO Technical improvements

We’ll thoroughly review your current website, upgrade and fix any technical issues revealed that impede SEO or lower Google rankings, getting your website up to speed.

Meta text changes

Most meta titles and descriptions will need to be re-written. We’ll ensure all new meta changes are relevant to the new pages and content for good search results.

Internal link structure

The framework of your website will be reviewed to ensure the internal linking structure is optimal for Google crawling, with keyword friendly links throughout the site.

Google and business listings

We ensure all Google services such as webmaster tools and analytics are set up, and list your site on any beneficial Google business listings.

Shoot for the stars

Phase 3: Shoot for the stars

It’s wise to plan ahead

Advertising one thing at a time can be laborious and lead to brand inconsistency. We take the time to understand your vision, to create a creative campaign that signifies and exudes your brand identity.

Ongoing Wiredfresh marketing & SMO campaigns ensure a consistent brand representation throughout the longevity of your marketing campaign and business. But moreover, less distraction so you can focus on running your business.

And make great content

With design, development, SEO and complete visual media services under one roof, the bene?ts with Wiredfresh are obvious.

Image is everything! We provide complete visual media services at cost effective rates to ensure your online image impressive and consistent. From bespoke design and photo shoots, to 360 tours and of course the most engaging media of all.. video production.

Then drive your campaign

Brand consistency is the key to any marketing campaign. We plan ahead with you to formulate a campaign that truly reflects your companies’ vision and goals. Preparing branded media and design well in advance.

We’ll create a campaign that speaks to your target audience with great visual media, well written copy and catchy headlines, along with great niche SEO copy that brings much needed additional ranking, exposure, traf?c and revenue.

Need to get on track with your SEO?

SEO Copywriting

Your websites organic SEO copy is the foundation of your company search results. We can review your website structure, add pages if necessary and provide SEO copywriting to engage the user and get results.

Social media

With 3.5 billion social media users and 52% of searches from mobile, your SMO marketing is crucial. We provide SMO campaigns with engaging video production & content design with fresh ideas.

Path to success

A guide to simplify conversion rate optimization (CRO). It’s easy to get lost in today’s vast digital sea, and in reality, great CRO is far more in depth. This guide is a summary of essential steps to better CRO & ROI.